Hello, I am Alexsis!
I love learning how people think and interact, and seeing the process from research to design user-centered products and experiences. The best part of the process is solving both user and business problems. My process is hands-on, collaborative, iterative and creative.

I attended the University of Hartford to study health science, which helped me develop research, empathy and creative thinking. As a member of the non profit Them Cloud Kids based in Newark, NJ on the fashion department I was responsible for creating quality sketches for potential apparel experiences for the team and community.

I transitioned into UX design because I wanted a career field that would bring back my creative side that I lost. In fact, clients would have trouble with the usability of the interface and I started to think “How can I make this better for the users?”. I had become frustrated with the interface because it was such a great service but customers simply just needed it to be clear and user friendly. My goal is to design products and experiences that are meaningful and impactful to everyday users.​​​​​​​
My Skills
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